"We realize the benefit and impact of buying art from your community. It strengthens bonds, creates friendships and provides resources to your local artists." -Xavier J. Founder of Art Plug
About Local Art Plug
Art Plug (formerly known as showcase) provides you with the tools to find artists, artworks, and events in your area. Browse the profiles of local artists in search of one of a kind pieces of art and connect with them on a more personal level. In just a few easy clicks you can find a piece of art that speaks to you, connect with an artists in your community, or find out what's going on that weekend in the creative world. This is a platform in which local art lovers can find and connect with local artists.

Our mission is to create stronger arts communities are easily accessible.

Our vision is to make it easier to find art and artists around the world.

We plan to do this by bringing artists and art lovers together through life and experiences.

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E-mail: info@localartplug.com
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