Adam Reinert
My name is Adam Reinert and I'm a photographer from Glenwood, Iowa. My photography started as a 4-H project when I was 10 years old, with the encouragement of my mom. At the time, she was photographing a lot of weddings and family/senior portraits, so it was an easy project for my brothers and I to do. Photography came to be my main project throughout my 4-H career and I had several photos selected to go to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. I shot with a film camera for years but then switched to digital the last year of my 4-H career.

After graduating from Iowa State University, I began to get more serious about photography. I started posting some photos I'd taken around my hometown on social media and eventually started getting occasional requests for prints. Over the next few years, it evolved from a hobby into a business. It's always a huge honor for me anytime someone purchases one of my prints. It's very moving to have one of my images mean enough to someone that they want to hang it in their home or business.

While I travel all over the country for my photography now, the foundation of my work is a reflection of where I grew up in the Midwest. Prints of my images are available in various sizes/styles - my contact information can be found on my website and social media pages

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