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Katharen Wiese
Painting, printmaking and Graphic design - Lincoln, NE
Medium: I use paints, inks, and colored pencil.
Collab w/:Painting, printmaking, digital art, and drawing
E-mail: katharen.wiese@gmail.com
Phone: 402-429-0812
Haley Wood
Painter - Omaha, Ne
Medium: I use paints, inks, and colored pencil.
Collab w/: I'll work with any medium.
E-mail: artivicilo@gmail.com
Phone: 402-651-4079
Mad Darling
Pop musician. Singer, songwriter, filmmaker and actress - Omaha, Ne
Medium: Pop musician. Singer, songwriter, filmmaker and actress.
Collab w/: Film production, music, jewelry design.
E-mail: madelinejpeters@gmail.com
Phone: 402-213-3538
Ashleigh Rose
Digital and film cameras - Atlanta, Georgia
Medium: Digital and film cameras
Collab w/: Everything in-between
Email: momentsbyrose@gmail.com
Phone: 770-825-2562
Karrie Steely
Painting, drawing, multimedia, ceramic, music - Hendley, Nebraska, USA
Medium: Painting, drawing, multimedia, ceramic, music
Collab w/: Any visual art media, and acoustic music
Email: karrie.steely@gmail.com
Luke Armstrong
Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painter - Omaha, Nebraska
Medium: Generally I use drawing mediums, printing techniques, acrylic paint, acrylic panel, wood, laser cutters, led lights, paper, found objects and story to create environments to explore.
Collab w/: Almost anything. Sound, space, hardware, software, buildings, businesses, mixed materials to make magic things real. For me art is an expression of appreciation for the outcome, therefore it may take nearly any form.
Email: thatsluke@gmail.com
Phone: 402-618-1981
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