David Perilo
I am a maker, a painter, and a builder. If it can be made I will find a way to do it. My experience thus far has been with the use of acrylic paints, watercolor, and epoxy resin for use in creating paintings and furniture, and of course wood! I continue to learn more and more every day and hope to have the opportunity to create for you, a piece that will last a lifetime in your own home.

I like to create what has already been created in my world of imagination. For most of my life my mind has been resistant to any idea because it would come and go so quickly and if not completed then and there would become insignificant to me. I have found a place in life now where I have been able to calm the mind into placing these "designs" consistently within my thoughts so that I may have a chance to lay them down into reality. This has and will always be the harshest and most delicate process for the work I complete. Even though my imagination into creating is perceived to be so complex and merely impossible to do, it is actually so easy that my understanding of it becomes so disoriented into creating designs that bewilder not only those who observe, but myself included. I am grateful to have the chance to be here on earth, to enjoy the days we live with the freedom and ability to do what we want./ I have chosen to focus the time I have away from the main stream job I hold, to paint, to create, to build whatever my heart and mind desires to do. A human being has so much to offer this world yet they live for others, they slave over meaningless paperwork and insignificant normality's in order to just survive, I too am guilty of this. I have found my outlet of release and solace. The two greatest people in my life are my parents. Once I was able to find the true peace needed in life, I was able to maintain sobriety. It's a mere blip in my background now. Not a day goes by that I even care for the things I use to. I lost my job that I thought was the key to my future, and in a way, you could see it as that, since it changed my life forever and for the better. I was unemployed and unsure of how I would continue living without money or means to make any money worth saving etc…. At this time I had been sober quite some time and my thoughts and dreams had been coming back to me slowly and over time they became much clearer as though I was walking out of a fog. I began dreaming at night and remembering those dreams, those ideas I use to have and use to drown out because they were useless to me. Now the pictures are there and for me to take hold of and create. I began getting ideas, creative ones. My pops had a bunch of woodworking tools in the basement that he let me mess around with and next thing you know me and my pops built my woodworking shop in my backyard. I began building rustic flags out of 1x2 pine boards. I would put the stripes together, stain them, paint images such as military emblems or college football team logos on them and sell them, which I still do. But the greatest part was that I got to learn all of this from the man I care about the most, my pop. Also I was able to finally make my parents proud. My ideas and inspirations are ever growing and changing. I found that I have the ability to learn anything I wanted and I continue to do anything that comes my way. There is no conclusion to this story because its never-ending it's always changing, it's always becoming bigger and better. This time I have had here called my life has not been gloriously filled with happiness and sunshine. It has been filled with desperation, depression, happiness, love, disappointment, excitement, terror and many other feelings. But the one thing that has never left me and has grown stronger over time is the ability to see reality which is my imagination.

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