Lori Tatreau
My work explores relationships. Whether that is the forms and colors as they interact or the mediums used and the support they are on, it is all about connection and dissolution. Where things and people blend into each other or bend to avoid each other. Where forms are covering or scrapes reveal areas and structures. There are suggestions of landscape and humanish figures, but they are often alienlike; stand-ins for us where we live. The process and exploration are essential but so is the final outcome, the place or moment the image is left to exist.
I work at home wherever I can; a sun porch, the basement, the dining room table. I work in bursts of activity on many different kinds of supports and with whatever mediums I have available. I work on a small scale at this time due to space constraints, but envision painting barn sized paintings someday. I work in multiples and on squares more often than not. I usually work alongside my nine year old daughter, who also helps title my work. She sees thingsā€¦
Having been steeped in years of academia, I see where I would like to think I fit into the cannon of American painting, which is probably about six decades ago. I am happy to be a modernist, exploring ways to express ideas abstractly, but mostly in love with the paint itself.
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