Monica Mardare
My name is Monica Mardare, I am originally from Romania but I settled in UK from 2010.

I graduated from the London College of Contemporary Arts with an HND in fashion and textiles and I specialised in Prints and Graphics.

My passion for design, art and fashion reside in my childhood. From the age of about 6 I loved painting, creating garments and accessories.

For me, a life without art is as a bird without wings. Doing art has lots of meanings to me. I paint to express my emotions, I paint my thoughts and I paint memories. I love to paint portraits, and enjoy the black and white genre.

I am currently involved in projects working with art studios, Sutton Women Centre, Sutton Art Network where I teach art workshops together with other artists.

All the projects I am involved in at the moment have a humanitarian cause supporting women who have survived domestic violence, and also people with mental health and learning difficulties. My artwork was presented as part of the Sutton Art Network Exhibition at the Cryer Centre for International Woman's Day this year. Starting with 2020, my art is available on Saatchi online platform as well.

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