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Subscription plans
Decorate your home or business with local artists. (some type of icon that defines art level or displays the dimensions of each size)
Local Enthusiast
  • 2 Small Artworks
  • Swap Every 3 Months
  • 10% off commissioned piece every 6 months
Local Advocate
*Most Popular*
  • 1 Medium Artwork
  • 2 Small Artworks
  • Swap Every 3 Months
  • *BONUS*
  • 15% off commissioned piece every 6 months
Local Lover
*Artist Favorite*
  • 1 Large Artwork
  • 1 Medium Artwork
  • 2 Small Artworks
  • Swap Every 3 Months
  • 20% off commissioned piece every 6 months
*Subscription only available in Nebraska & Iowa, expanding to a city near you soon!
*Additional pieces available upon request
*All pieces for sale ship anywhere!
*Chance to win a free piece of artwork!
Artwork Subscription (Renting) Terms

Local Showcase Co.'s subscription program is an expedient, flexible and cost-effective way for art lovers to enjoy one of a kind works of art in their homes and place of work. Subscribing is also available for special events, home staging, and rent to own. The subscription agreement is made directly between you (the art lover) and Local Showcase Co. (the conduit) No outside leasing company is involved.

Subscription cost: The cost for you, the art lover is the set price of your selected subscription model. Each subscription model comes with; set prices, a set number of artworks subscribed to, and a duration of renting cycles. Additional artworks can be added to your subscription for a fee. There is no limit to the number of artworks subscribed to as long as monthly payments are made before the delivery of a new art piece.

Subscription term: The minimum term an artwork can be subscribed to is three (3) months, the first installment must be paid before any artworks are delivered. The subscription agreement automatically renews every 3 months unless there is a cancellation provided by either Local Showcase Co. or the client before the 15th of each month. Payments are nonrefundable. There is no maximum limit to the time that an individual or entity can subscribe to the artwork; however, only charges from the first year of subscribing will be applied as a credit if you, (the art lover), chooses to purchase the artwork as outlined below.

Purchase: You, (the art lover), may purchase the artwork you subscribed to at any time. All subscription charges paid (excluding installation fees) during the first year will be attributed toward the purchase price. We ask that you, (the art lover), do not de-install or move the artwork as damages may occur in the process - any such damages are not covered by Local Showcase Co. and will be billed to you.

Liability: You are liable for any damages that occur to the artwork while it is in your possession. You will have to pay the fees incurred to repair that piece of art or purchase the damaged artwork.

Cancellation: The subscription can be cancelled at any time. Cancel before the 15th of each month to avoid being charged for next month's bill. The piece or pieces will then be picked up the following week.

Installation: The artwork can be installed by you, our team, or the artist for an extra fee. There is no base installation fee for showcase to install the piece of art, however it is an extra $50 fee to have the artists install the piece themselves. You are also welcomed to install the piece yourself, but will be responsible for any damages incurred.

*Fees are for installation in Nebraska/Iowa area only. At this time the subscription model is only available in the Nebraska/Iowa area.*

Artwork Selection: Artwork doesn't always look exactly the same on a computer screen as it does in person. We do our best to portray images as close to real life as possible. Local Showcase Co. ships, delivers, and installs (if applicable), at random, different art works that match your subscription package to ensure you're being exposed to new artists every 3 months. You can contact us to select the piece you want for an individual lease, addition to you package, or upcoming subscription if applicable.
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