Shiri Phillips
I love everything full of color and life! My background is in the arts, specifically studio art and art history. With an experienced eye for design and color, I love to create work that is visually captivating and unique. I am a graphic designer and painter, but with careful thought they go hand in hand. My art is painted with intent, delivering pieces that I hope give the viewer the comfort of structure, along with the emotional release of abstraction. The specific placement of color in a variety of my pieces creates a "graphic-like" feel. When the colors are carefully painted together we can be reminded of a pixelated image on a computer screen. My study and love for Impressionism also is reflected in my art. By overlaying the various mediums in an abstracted way I hope to create a unique and vivid experience for the viewer. The bold colors and impressionistic way of painting is reminiscent of my love for the great impressionist painters that I fell in love with while studying art in school. Bold colors and lots of texture are my two favorite things!
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