Trudy Arndt-Woksa
Welcome to the World of Woksa!

Surrealism, Realism, Cubism, Neoclassical, Trudy Arndt-Woksa is a Nebraska native whose love of Art and painting touches all. Her eclectic and expansive style leads the viewer to push boundaries and comfort levels, enabling them to pursue broader scopes of understanding of the art and themselves. Trudy leads you up to the gate of the journey, the rest is up to you!

Regarded highly amongst her peers, Trudy is keen to support other artists and is currently helping run a co-op in Omaha. She has shown in galleries in the Midwest and has loyal and enthusiastic fans, both nationally and internationally.

She is hoping to expand into many additional markets, both digitally and physically, and would love to discuss opportunities to do so.

For more information and bookings, please contact her agent, Patty Bradley, at 303 320-5622 or Trudy directly at 402 237-4009

Looking forward to sharing an Art experience with you and greatly appreciate your time and consideration!

***to see sizes and prices of artwork go to Trudy's website

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